Learning About Car Mechanics

6/8/2012  · Follow Popular Mechanics associate auto editor Ben Wojdyla as he leads viewers, step by step, through repairs, upgrades, and troubleshooting tips. Got car questions? Email Ben, and he may answer …

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Basics Of A Car Everything There Is To Know About Cars A guide to the key things consumers need to know about the massive takata airbag recall, impacting millions of vehicles, made by several different automotive brands. The UK road tax system, or vehicle excise duty (ved) frequently changes.

The Basic Parts of a Car -EricTheCarGuy Learning such tasks — just as a car owner could learn how to change a flat tire or windshield wipers — is the only way to und…

7/28/2015  · How to Learn Auto Mechanics. Learning about auto mechanics can be achieved in many ways. If you want to pursue a career in car mechanics, then you should follow the route that affords you the best education. Doing so will ensure that you learn as much as you can about being a car mechanic.

Study car mechanics using books and television shows. Books can provide step-by-step instructions for maintenance and repair techniques. Some of the best known titles include the "popular mechanics complete car care Manual" and "How Cars Work" by Tom Newton.

Mechanics require tools and there are a few essentials that you’ll need to make most car repairs. A beginner’s set of tools can include screwdrivers, a few wrenches, pliers, and a good pair of channel locks.

On graduation, you receive the Automotive Mechanic/Technician Certificate from the Automotive Training Centre. Since ATC uses the acclaimed e-learning platform instead of a textbook, you can start the program the same day you are admitted!

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