When To Put Snow Tires On

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…purchased your Winter / Snow Tire & Wheel Package and had your vehicle maintenance reviewed by a recommended installer. However, you still want to know when’s the perfect time to install your winter tires. Ideally, the best time to put your winter wheels and tires on is when the temperatures…

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Frozen tires also limit the amount of sidewall flex that can lead to unpredictable tire behavior on rough or snow-rutted roads. As well, when a tire freezes up, it’s more prone to faster tread wear.

A: Putting just two snow tires on your car is a bad idea. If you have a front-wheel-drive car and put snow tires on the front only, the back wheels won’t have anywhere near as much grip as the front wheels.

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When to Remove or Install Winter Tires Performance Winter / Snow tires like the bridgestone blizzak lm-60 can handle higher temperatures with less rapid tread wear compared to Studless Ice and snow tires. Therefore, one can install Performance Winter / Snow tires earlier in the year and leave them on longer with less effect on wear.

The snow is flying in Northeast Ohio and we all need to get back into winter driving mode. One key safety issue many us ignor…

With winter weather in the forecast starting thursday, motorists should be ready to make smart decisions when it comes to high-country roads that can become slick with snow and ice. That includes bein…

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